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About SAP

Becomes a certified SAP professional by joining our comprehensive range of SAP training in Pune. Hzrontech is a leading provider of the top-class SAP courses in Pune for your bright future. SAP –standing for Systems, Applications, & Products, is a specialized suite of software solutions helping the businesses of the world interact with the respective customers effectively. This is the reason why there is a huge demand for SAP certified professionals in the modern era.

SAP is not a single page that has a few concepts and can cover within hours or days. In general, SAP has various software components, and they are called modules. SAP has two fundamental modules, and further, it has sub-modules focusing on both Functional and Technical areas.

  • The functional module aims at learning to manage finance, human resource, supply management, production, and sales.
  • The technical module aims at technicalities such as programming, application development, troubleshooting, tool development, testing, and maintenance